How to Call From Gmail

Connect to with Gmail announces a breakthrough capability that combines the powerful and easy to use gmail service to connect to your lower cost, higher quality account to phone India and the rest of the world.

  1. Dial91

    Add our Gmail ID "" in your Gmail contacts.

  2. Dial91

    Go to chat window, search for then select "Invite to chat". Once approve, select computer chat option.

  3. Dial91

    You will hear a prompt from to enter your PIN. Type your DIAL91 PIN start with + then press enter.

  4. Dial91

    Enter your destination number, Country code + Phone number followed by the # key. For example to call India: +91981235678

    That’s how to make international calls. The savings are astronomical too. You can talk 5 to 10 times longer using Dial91 with Gmail rather than Gmail alone. Phone India and/or any other destination in the world with a calling card to India from