PC to Phone Dial91 Windows Softphone
Dial91.com’s announces its new PC based VoIP call apps for international calling and to dial India. Our Windows PC based PC to phone app provides a premium VoIP call service combined with standard prepaid calling card card/PIN functionality so you can easily control your international and India calling expenses. This Internet call apps features basic user options such as Balance Display, Redial and low international rates to call any country. Dial91.com is the best VoIP call app for making all your international calls including when you dial India.
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Text to India
Here are some of the easy-to-use features of our Dial91.com VoIP call App to call anywhere in the world:
PC to Phone International Calling
Call any Number in the World. Dial India with ease
Best Rates To All Countries
Use From Any Country
Send SMS to Anywhere Free
Secure, Online Real Time Billing
Superior Quality
Pulse rounding to 60 seconds
No Connection Fees
Managed Routing
OS Supported:
Operating System Windows 7©, Windows Vista©, Windows XP©, Windows 2000, Windows 8
These features would enable you to connect your Softphone to any mobile and landline and enjoy the slashed rates in comparison to traditional phone call.
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