What are access numbers and how’s these work

Access number allotted by the dialing company is the digital number more like a telephone number that they provide for to dial into internet or online network. It can also connect you with PCS customer within the local roaming wireless system. In order to contact the roaming person, first you dial the access number and after receiving a tone, you enter mobile number or any other provided number of roaming customer. The local setup or the system will then divide the roaming customers according to the codes provided.  Access numbers are important for the automatically connected systems and cellular services. Those who is the user of calling cards, access number allows clients to enter the required information, so the connections which have to permitted can now have access to information service.


Access number is the virtual number for direct inward dialing purposes (DID). It is not directly associated with any telephone line. These numbers are programmed in such a way that incoming calls are forwarded to pre-selected telephone number by the client. Access number acts as a gateway between traditional calls (PSTN) as well as Voice over Internet protocol (VOIP). The access number also allows you to collect incoming calls on any set based on your personally decided criteria. For example with the given access number, if you want you can receive weekdays 9-5 calls on workplace but on weekends you can receive the calls on your personal mobile phone. 


Local Access Number:

Local access numbers by dial91 not only offers you low calling rates as compared toll free numbers but also more talk time. Local access numbers will enable you access dial91 India calling card service.



Universal Access Number:


Universal access number allows the user to have a national number. The incoming calls are then routed to different destinations for response based on the criteria already set. The criteria might cover geographical position or location of the caller, the time and date on which call had been made. Following the set criteria, calls are distributes among different operators in order to maintain the efficiency of response.

Be it your worldwide and expanded business, personal international or national calls, marketing campaigns or any other virtual service, access number is the smart, affordable and all in one solution for  your effective communication.  Dial 91 offers affordable rates for local access numbers all around the globe for bringing your loved closer. Because we want to call India for less. 



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Features of Indian Calling Card

Pre-Paid Calling Card offered a verity of calling plans, meeting different needs of different customers. Calling Card offers a plenty of Indians to call India. India Calling Card allows a low rated call to Indians using locally accessed numbers. Calling Card is an innovatively attractive choice for Indians who can speak to their love ones and related business associates. Different companies having Calling Cards bringing versatile features to them with each coming day. Now Calling Cards are provided with features as follow
Calling Card company register as many phone numbers as one wants. If you want to make the call on the registered number than it company will recognize the number and user need not use the specified PIN.
Calling Card id Post-Paid physical card. A number of calls you make depend on the value of the amount you have charged. With the online system of an account, the user keeps in touch with details about balance conditions. In Calling Card usually, charges are not made below 30 seconds of calls and if the balance is dropping to certain value it automatically recharged via auto recharge.
Calling Card is provided with the feature of a locally accessed telephone number, where a user can call anytime if he has this facility with the card. The locally accessed number is cheaper than Toll-Free numbers for calling to India.
There are companies like Dial 91, TelCan that are giving access to Toll-Free numbers. The Toll-Free number has made it easy for Indians to call their beloved ones in India with negotiable rates. Usually, the Toll-Free numbers are charged no cost or very low rates.
Calling Card user is continuously provided with notification of messages, call received or missed and the situation of the balance. But the user can use the feature of Voice Prompts to turn off the notification of minutes and balance inquiry.
Indians are progressing with high speed as with their progress people are spreading all over the world. They need to have strong communication to their family, institutes and business colleagues. Indian Calling Card has made their life easy by providing very low rated, reliable, easily accessible cards that have been serving some more than forty years. No matter in which you have your residence Indians now enjoying more comfort of communication since ever.

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Free SMS to India Service

Most of our valued customers buy a calling card to India so that either as a traveler or non-resident they can make cheap calls to India.  But one of the other very popular services is the free SMS to India from USA and Canada.  Calling India is not always practical because of time changes and other factors, so to make a free message at a convenient time is very popular.  


In order to use the free SMS to India, you must have a PIN from Dial91.com.  This is a requirement by the India Telecommunications Act.  But once you buy the PIN, you can also use it to phone India.  The PIN can also be recharged automatically if you so desire.


So, go ahead, SMS India and keep in better contact with your friends, family and business associates.


Tell your friends too.

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Dial91 The Easy Way to Call India From The United Kingdom

Being away from home can be stressfully. It becomes more stressfully if you are not in a position to keep in touch with people back at home. With Dial91 the stress can be reduced substantially. You can call people back in India from the United Kingdom or any other part of the world cheaply.

Dial91 has a team of developers who work hard to ensure they offer the lowest call costs. If you happen to own an iPhone or an Android powered Smartphone then you can take advantage of the iPhone app or the Android app to make calling India easier. The apps give you an easy to use menu which makes calling a really easy affair.  Everything and anything that you need is beautifully presented to you in the menu.


Dial91 in addition to giving you unique call card features also presents you with what you have been used to – the standard call card features including the user revered auto-recharge feature. However, if you prefer doing your recharge the old manual way, you can still go ahead and do it.


If you have Skype ID then the “Use Skype to Access Dial91” feature is just for you. This feature gives you even lower call rates than is imaginable. Using Skype to Access Dial91 connects your Skype account to Dial91’s systems allowing you to call India cheaply. Voice clarity using this feature is also amazing. You will be able to pick every word that the other party says and even hear the sounds in the background.


Dial91 is not about the cost alone and it is all about the provision of the best. Call quality is the pillar upon which the service is based on.  With a focus on providing superior quality, Dial91 ensures that billing is accurately done as well.


Once more with Dial91 you will never have to look around for the country code, 91, because it is already there with you – Dial91. That’s the beauty of using a service which makes everything easy to remember, sorry you don’t need to remember.


Everything about the service simply sets Dial91 apart from the rest of the players in the industry. Your call experience with Dial91 is guaranteed to be the best. This is definitely the best calling card service; you need to test it to know it. Upon testing you will be hooked! 

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Calling Cards Are Truly Convenient

If you want to choose a calling card and the operator it can turn to be stress. There are a variety of choices today. Before you take your pick, there are many things you have to know. Today, many telecom operators have better offers when it comes to calling. Before you buy one, make sure you read the blueprints and the restrictions on the card. There are restrictions and instruction one every operator which can be beneficial or disadvantageous.


A few operators include some hidden charges, with some basing these on the curving of calls made to the next minute. Before you buy these cards, know the additional fees charged when you make a long distance call. Consumers want to buy calling cards that allows them to call their loved ones 24/7. They also want purchase a card where the quality of customer care is high such that in case of a problem, they can solve it faster. The selling companies activate the card when you make the purchase. People who do not call frequently need to buy a card that does not expire soon.


The biggest benefit of using Dial91 phone cards is that it allows a user to set their monthly bills. When you chose these cards, you can check the usage and know how much you are left with in terms of calling minutes. This feature has become popular because when call charges maintain to reduce. Hundreds of users do not know the benefit they get when using these cards. Today, some providers charge extra when you call your loved ones at peak hours. This means you will not make the call at the peak as you are charged more, and this is beneficial. There are many providers to choose, but it is important to choose those with a toll-free client relations number. You can save money when you call the client department when you have an issue to solve. The Dial91 are best operators are trusted more when they have a toll-free 27/7 customer care department.


Each card uses a different concept when charging clients, and each customer must know of this fees. It is also important to know in details how you are charged such that you know the billing per second or minute. Every client must avoid cards that have hidden fees. Upon finishing your communication, you must get a response showing how much you have spent and the remainder. This means you know how much you have used and the balances.



Many people using prepaid Dial91 phone cards have various fees hidden. Today, the operators have come up with fees structures such as maintenance, connection, termination and disconnect fees. The good news is that every calling destination charges the same fees. Those with a calling card showing cheaper rates get more fees to save as they are below the market.


Every user has different needs. Some fees are affordable, though. If you are an irregular user of Dial91 calling cards, you should buy them because of their rates. This is not for people who use the cards once or twice. If you buy a card with bi-weekly maintenance fee, it is beneficial since after two weeks elapses, you won’t need it. People who frequently use this to make international calls need phone cards that have no hidden fees. It brings many benefits as they are cheaper. Though the rates might be higher, you save on the extra connection fees charged.

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Benefits of Using Calling Cards in Calling Abroad

Today, you can easily call abroad by using a calling card. Actually, international calling cards have become the most popular way for people to stay in touch with family and friends that live in another country. It's true that many people nowadays prefer to use these calling cards instead of the traditional ways. Moreover, there are many phone providers in the market that can offer you great charges and may also offer you the option to use your mobile phone. By using the international calling cards, you can have a number of great benefits.


International calling cards that Dial91 offers can offer you a quick and flexible way to reach your friends or family abroad any time you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With these cards, you can use cellular phones, landlines or even pay phones. In fact, you can gain a lot by using these cards, especially if you have business partners in another place in the world and you need to talk to them several times within a day. This way you save money and you don't need to worry for the cost.


Dial91 cards are definitely cost-effective. For example, you can select a package from your phone company that suits you the best; you can choose how many hours you can talk within a week or a month. This way you can avoid any hidden charges or other fees and you will always know what you have to pay for your calls. In fact, this is an ideal offer for you, where you can always keep in touch with your partners or family abroad at a reasonable cost.


In addition, you can reload your calling card any time you like, by using the internet or at certain phone shops. This is one of the most convenient ways that you can use, because you just have to choose the desired amount and pay it by using your credit or debit cards. Or, if you wish, you can also buy a refillable card from the store you bought your first card, in case you don't want to use any of your cards. Either way, you'll have the opportunity to get in contact with the people you want, that live in another country.


You can also do conference calling, which means that you can get connected with many people (your partners of even clients) with a single call. This way you can not only save money and time, but you can also have an effective communication with his partners or team. It's one of the best ways for businessman to talk to their partners at the same time.


International calling cards from Dial91 can be very useful to you when you are away from country for vacations. You can reach your relatives any time you like, without having to do the traditional long distance calls, by using pay phones or the landlines of your hotel.


 Internally calling cards are the best way for you to get connected with anyone you like abroad. You don't have to bother about high mobile rates and you can get in contact 24/7. In addition, most of the calling card providers offer you free minutes for long distance and international calls.

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3 Things Everyone Should Know About Prepaid Credit Cards

Well, prepaid programs require cardholders to load money onto their respective plastic cards, before they can be allowed to charge their purchases and payments on their prepaid debit cards or credit cards. What you load on your cards is the only available credit or balance you can use. However to continuously enjoy the benefits of prepaid cards, card users are always reminded to monitor the available balances on their cards. If their credit or debit runs low, they have to replenish their card balances to avoid encountering declined transactions and paying declined transaction penalties.


Prepaid Dial91 cards are also multi-functional. You can not only use them to pay for your purchases and bills, you can also use them to withdraw cash from your savings or checking account, especially during emergency situations. The question now is who will surely benefit from using a prepaid credit card or debit card?


In the world of prepaid credit cards you have the good guys, the bad guys and the occasional guy who sits on the fence -- and you can never really be sure which way that guy is going to lean. How do you tell which card is which? If you're looking to use prepaid credit cards for purchasing power, there are a few things you need to keep in mind...


1. Fees, Fees and More Fees


Not all prepaid credit cards are created equal and nothing details this as well as the fact that the fees can vary so greatly from one card to the next. Prepaid credit card A, for example, may have a $25 start up fee and a monthly fee of $4.95 per month, while prepaid card B may only cost $10 to start up and may not charge a monthly service fee as long as the card is in use.


Make sure you compare all fees closely before deciding on any prepaid credit card. Remember, sometimes what you don't know can end up hurting you, and unexpected fees and charges are a perfect example.


2. Credit Reporting


If you're thinking that prepaid cards will help build your credit rating, you need to think twice. Almost all of the prepaid credit cards out there will do nothing for your credit. A secured credit card will report your activity to the credit bureaus, whereas prepaid cards will not.


3. You Can't Use Them Everywhere


Don't automatically assume you can use prepaid plastic to book a room at a hotel or rent a car. Many hotels will not accept prepaid credit cards as a form of payment, and many car rental companies are following that line of thinking. What prepaid credit cards are good for is making purchases online and paying for gas at the pump.


Why wouldn't you just use a debit card to do this because that exposes the bank account connected to your debit card to the dangers of the Web. A prepaid credit card does not pose this problem.


So remember when you're looking into prepaid cards, compare fees carefully and pay close attention to the terms and conditions from one card to the next. Also pay attention to the policies of the businesses that accept them.


Dial91 Prepaid credit cards definitely have their place in the world of plastic, but they are by no means a be-all-end-all credit card solution.

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Calling Cards To India – Low-Cost Solution For Distance Barrier

The Indians are progressing more and more. They have developed in a wide range of areas of advancements. As a result of this, they have all moved to many countries for employment. That said, no one can every truly leave their original homeland. This means that it is vital to keep in contact with both family and friends. Thanks to affordable calling cards, this makes contact to India easy to do. 

People all over the world know that the Indian's are famous for keeping their traditions and values. They also have close nit family cultures. As a result of this, Indian's are called to be family people. For most Indian's, leaving their family and country behind will be emotional. Even if they live half a world away from their family and country, they still get emotional. It is difficult when they separate themselves from these things. For Indians, it is vital that they are always talking to their family. Calling card to India has been designed with this purpose in mind. 
It is very affordable to make calls on calling cards. It is so much cheaper than other local telephone providers. Local telephone providers charge high fees because they are conversing with other countries.
Dial91Calling cards have solved this problem. They can be used in exchange of other telephone providers. 

It does not matter what country you are in. It is so simple to get in contact with family and friends. Calling cards can also be used in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. All of these countries can make calls to India from call cards. These affordable rates will stop your bills from getting higher. Not only that, but call cards include a pre-set talk limit. This is something that callers have already paid for. This is designed to prevent callers from spending too much. 

Dial91 Call cards are also great for business workers who have clients in other countries. Students and travelers will find them handy too. These cards can also send text messages at a cheap price. 

There are many stores and apportions where you can purchase these cards. They are durable and can be carried around anywhere you go. You can get them in thick paper or plastic. They have even been designed to fit in your pocket or purse easily. The cards come at different prices. You are sure to find one that fits with your budget and requirements. 

Dial91 Call cards are becoming very popular in the market. You can browse through the internet to find a card that comes with the lowest rates. You can do this from just about any country in the world. Purchasing cards on the internet is fast and convenient. There are no hassles whatsoever. This option allows you to check out many different calling cards. They will also tell you what the different rates are among providers. Once you have done this, you will be able to choose the right card for you. 

These days, domestic and international calls are very affordable, particularly if you use a low rate calling card. Such cards are also fantastic for the economy in terms of communication options. All calling cards work the same way. A PIN number also comes with all call cards. In order to input the PIN number, you will need to dial an access number first. If you do not do this, you will be required to dial the full international number plus the country code to make your call. 


Thousands of people have been able to keep in contact with friends and family through calling cards. They have been around for approximately forty years. They really are the best option if you want to make international calls as cheap as possible.

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After months of delays due to India Interconnection issues we are finally ready with our new SMS App!
The " Dial91 Voip" App finally works perfectly to send and receive SMS to all India mobile phone carriers:  Reliance, Vodaphone, Tata, Aircel, Airtel, Idea, MTNL, MTS, BSNL, Uninor, Videocon and Ping and All U.S. Carriers.

Simple Steps!  Download the App then go to www.App.Dial91.com to enter your Dial91 user name and password to activate your App.  

(NOTE:  If you do not have a Dial91 user name and password you will need to purchase a Dial91.com PIN and then repeat the steps above).

Once you activate your app, we issue a Dial91 SMS (phone) number to you which completes the activation process. 

Now Start texting!  SMS recipients will reply to your Dial91 SMS number.

SMS to/from India/U.S.A Only $01 /message

 Dial91 - Call India - Text India

Download The App Now!  

Android - iPhone - iPad - iPad

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Cheap Inmate Phone Calls For You

Dial91 Happy to Introduce Inmate Phone Calls for its USA users.
Because technology is so innovative, one of the benefits that phone callers like most is that it will help you to save money. There is an enormous level of competition amongst service providers and long-distance service companies are improving and providing people what they want when it comes to cheap inmate phone calls – cheap fees! Money saving offers are offers when you want cheap call to jail choices.

That means that you can unwind and enjoy your conversations with your people associates who are in jail. When you speak to friends, you do not have to be concerned with how long it requires for them to tell a story because you will have best rates. Instead you can just enjoy the talk!


Thanks to the latest technology, a low priced call to jails is very simple than ever to enjoy. Not only can you make your phone calls affordably but there is less information involved. Basically, type in your number and you will not even have to be bothered with a long PIN code if you're at your primary contacting location. You'll have excellent connections and your relationships with your loved ones in jail will flourish. Whether the prices are measured on for each minute or per second basis, you have all benefits at hand.


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